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Southeastern Veterinary Hospital offers boarding for all pets, from hamsters to horses!  Whether it's a vacation, or a doggy day care that you need, we are here to help!  We have a variety of suites, and are able to accommodate anything you need!   Click here to schedule your boarding reservations.

Small dogs and cats are housed away from the large dogs, to ensure the lowest level of anxiety. 

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Rest assured that your furry kids will receive the best care available with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

What are the benefits of boarding your pet at a veterinary office?  Most importantly, there is a medical team on premises.  We carry a range of veterinary diets, and can administer medications if your pet is having anxiety or stress diarrhea.  The Pet Care Team keeps a close watch on food intake to make sure that your pets are getting the nourishment they need!

It is important to us that clients, and their pets alike, feel like family.  To ensure their comfort, we provide bedding, toys, and three walks a day.  Pets may be walked more if requested.  Often, dogs are more comfortable "pottying" without being tethered to the staff.  That's right!! Dogs like their privacy too! Because of this, there is a double-fenced area where dogs can be let off-leash with owner permission.  

Coming soon:  Boarding Camera Roll!

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