To determine if your female is ready for pregnancy, we will perform a Progesterone test. It takes roughly 1 hour for the test to be completed. We require a copy of her current Rabies certificate to be on file.

If her progesterone levels are within limit, the manner of breeding can be discussed and proceed accordingly.

We offer Traditional Artificial Insemination and Surgical Artificial Insemination.

You can bring a stud for us to collect the semen or have frozen/cooled semen shipped to us from the facility of your choosing. If the stud is going to be collected in our facility, he will also be required to have a copy of his current Rabies certificate on file.

30 days after the insemination, we will do an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. After pregnancy is confirmed, we can schedule your female for a caesarian section.

Caesarian sections will be performed after the progesterone reaches the correct level. The puppies will need to have a safe, warm and soft container to go home in.